Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Shipping News

So. A motley crew of scruffy sailors from the Middle East was found drifting in British territorial waters last week, without the requisite permits and what have you. Happy to say that the appropriate authorities took them into custody for a few days where they were asked a bunch of questions about what they were up to, and a small investigation was launched to see if the story checked out. Turns out they were kosher, had just got lost while looking for Ireland, released a few days later, no hard feelings.

Good on you coastguard chaps! Can't be too careful, these days.


Mea culpa: a little too much Amontillado with breakfast. Got the whole thing arse about tit. Sorry!

Turns out they were British sailors taken into custody by Iranian authorities.

Well that just proves it! These people are no more than warmongering savages! Hell-bent on destabilising the region and starting World War 3 with their ceaseless provocations!


  1. You have no sense of drama.

    Without that story, the opening gambit on News at 10 would've been about a dog that licked itself.

    And I'm sick of hearing about Jordan.

  2. Pity

    More on Jordan here:

  3. three words for you, blogger:

  4. Well that was about as funny as Dengue Fever.

    I'm disappointed in you lot.

  5. still.... it's true.